You can contact one of our advisers to report an incident that has taken place. You will be contacted within 2 working days of submission of this report.

If an assault has just taken place and you are not in a safe place, feel at risk, or have any injuries that require urgent attention, call the emergency services on 999.

If you need a safe space or support from the University, on or off campus, call the Emergency Response Team on 07854 199020.

This number is available 24 hours a day for University Staff, University Students or other informants who need to report a serious incident that requires immediate and urgent response by the University.

This report will be kept confidential within a very small support team within the University and will only be shared when necessary and after prior discussion with you, the reporter.

However, if the University is concerned that there may be ongoing danger to either you or someone else we are obligated to pass this report on externally for additional support, for example, external support services or the Police.